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Railway Expert  Delhi,   Posted: 3/25/2023
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Our client is currently preparing a proposal for the upcoming Delhi Metro Phase 4 project with other consortium members, and they are required to mobilize the international experts from the following list.
* Team Leader (51MM)
* Project Planning and Coordination Expert (18MM)
* Chief Underground Structure Expert (33MM)
* Chief Tunnel Expert (29MM)
* Tunnel Ventilation & ECS Expert (13MM)
* Chief Quality Assurance and Quality Control Expert (21MM)
* Chief Construction Safety Expert (24MM)
* Signal Train Control Expert (22MM)
* Telecom Expert (6MM)
* Traction & Power Supply Expert (6MM)
* Track Expert (17MM)
* Rolling Stock Expert (27MM)
If interested in being considered for any of these positions please submit your details to us specifying the role you would be interested in

Job Requirements


More than 25 years overall Experience in Metro/ Rail Projects
More than 10 years experience in Metro Projects
More than 5 years experience in Satisfactorily Completed/ Ongoing Metro projects (same or higher position)
Has worked in India more than 1 year
Proficient in English
Under 65 years of age


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