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Depot Site Operations Manager  Ho Chi Minh City,   Posted: 9/11/2022
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Our client is seeking an experienced Depot Site Operation Manager to assist with activities as part of the new MRT Line-1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Job Details:
i. Operation, control, and management of Depot Site Office as office manager.
ii. Liaison with Operations team, i.e. C&I (Construction and Installation), CRO (Construction Railway Operation), HSE (Health, Safety and Environment), T&C (Testing and Commissioning) Managers, monitor, coordination, support and report each team activities, progress and difficulties on each teams aspects.
iii. Liaison with Sub-system Managers, and monitor, coordination, support and report each team activities, progress, and difficulties on each sub-system aspects .
iv. Human Resources' management and report relating to the Depot Site Operation management, and Operation Teams member mobilizations
v. Budget management for investigation of requirement by operation team and sub-system, planning, report and receive approval, support to issue the Kian-sho (Request form), delivery control.
vi. Prepare and develop monthly cash flow repot for depot site office operation, CRO tools and equipment, security guard operation, etc., and canalize forecast of the operation budget and report to the Management.
vii. Project asset management including registration of new goods, take inventory regularly, deletion report after use.
viii. Collect information and propose countermeasures when theft or security accidents occur at depot, stations, and wayside.
ix. Management for purchase and delivery date of tools / equipment related to onsite (CRO, HSE, T&C, Training).
x. Any related tasks instructed by PM (Project Manager), DPM (Deputy Project Manager), and D&EM (Delivery and Engineering Manager)

Job Requirements


1) Years of Experience
a) Total Year of Project Experience ; Over 15 years
b) Experience as Onsite Operation Manager (Railway construction project is preferable); 5 years
c) Several experiences to complete project as Onsite Operation Manager
d) Experience as C&I or T&C staff (Railway Construction Project is preferable) ; 5 years
e) Good skill for speaking & writing in English (Certificate of English (such as TOIEC) more than 700 points if mother language is not English.)
f) Sufficient knowledge and capabilities of quality assurance and control


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