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Depot Equipment Expert  Manila,   Posted: 6/13/2022
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Our client is looking for a Depot Equipmemt Expert to work on the Metro Manila Subway Project (MMSP)

Project Name: Metro Manila Subway Project (MMSP) Phase 1 (Valenzuela to Paranaque) General Consultant
Project site: depot at the north of Quirino Highway to FTI (25.3km)

Overview: This line is planned to be the underground structure except for the vicinity of the depot at the beginning of the route. There is not enough space at the ground level on the route. Therefore, the underground structure is preferable to avoid conflict with a lot of building and massive land acquisition. In addition, since dense residential areas exist on the route, extended noise and vibration impact can be presumed if the elevated structure applied. Thus, the underground structure has the advantage of being able to minimize the impact on the environment such as the noise. In the alignment planning, taking the surrounding locations such as the high buildings and the road viaduct into account, the avoidance of an impact on the existing structures and reduction in the number of curves requiring a speed limit are prioritized.

Scope of Works:
1) Review detailed engineering design and employer's requirement in terms of the whole system aspect.
2) Review, revise and adjust the BOQ and cost estimation (if necessary).
3) Assist the Client with the preparation of BOQ by contract package for E&M (depot facility).
4) Assist the Client on supervision of contractors' installation works.
5) Attend the periodical site inspection during the defects liability period and order the contractors' actions to be taken and payment methods

Job Requirements


1) Graduated in Relevant Course
2) Experience in railway related fields :10 years
3) Experience of at least two projects in South or South East Asia


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