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Deputy Contract General Manager  Ahmedabad,   Posted: 2/25/2022
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1) Report to Contract General Manager (overall)
2) Takes the place of the General Manager (overall) during its absence.
3) Responsible for contract administrative matters, variations and claims including getting concurrence from the Client
4) Responsible for contractual interpretation for ambiguities and discrepancies in the contract documents between the Employer and the Contractor to issue any necessary clarifications or instructions to the Contractor from Project Director as required
5) Assist Contract General Manager (overall) in managing overall contractual matters such as contract, quantity survey and schedule control
6) Assist Contract General Manager (overall) in monitoring the Contractor"s progress based on the project budget, cost plan prepared by the contract department, and the financial position and project long-term financial statement
7) Support a department making fair and reasonable assessments of the payment requests by the Contractor, and certification of full or partial payment, depending on its assessment of the Contract payment request
8) Assist Contract General Manager (overall) in coordinating with a Department in charge, support for drafting correspondences, reviewing the Contractor"s documents, and collecting information. Also, assist Contract General Manager (overall) in managing coordinating with each Joint General Manager to collect necessary information to assess, evaluate, verify the project status related to contractual and programme issues
9) Assist General Manager (overall) in monitoring overall construction schedule across contract packages
10) Assist General Manager (overall) in coordinating interface issues among T-1/T-2/T-3/R-1/IM-1/D-2/TI-4 packages and other packages as required in the Contract
11) Assist Contract General Manager (overall) in reporting the project"s progress

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This position is for the prestigious Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Project

Age: Late 30-40

Location or Posting: Ahmedabad


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