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Chief IT Construction Management Expert  New Delhi,   Posted: 12/23/2021
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Our client has the contract to provide project management support for the construction of Double Line Electrified Railway Track with Signaling &Telecommunication System and related infrastructure for Rewari-Dadri and JNPTVadodara section (approx. 555 km route) of Phase-2 of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor and for Procurement of Electric Locomotives.

They are looking for a Chief IT Construction Management Expert to be based at their office in New Delhi for 18 man months to
- Prepare and implement coordination procedure, Advise and assist DFCCIL in the preparation of procedural system, Interact with the Cleint's designated officers and staff on a regular basis, Attend review meetings'
- Prepare and implement document control procedure
- Establish a master project programme, Review contractors' programmes and associated progress, Monitor overall construction schedule and evaluate progress of overall construction work, recommend the countermeasures,
- Direct the Contractor to take necessary steps to maintain the rate of progress of work,
- Prepare consolidated programme / progress report, In case the Contractor fails to achieve any of the Project Milestones, the PMC shall identify the causes of delays, and review the Program submitted by the Contractor, Identify the reason of the delay, review the project completion schedule and assess compensation to Contractor, if the works are suspended for reasons not attributable to the Contractor.
- Certify all contract payment and satisfy the Client in monitoring the same
- Assist the Client in taking necessary action with regards to various environmental aspects, and monitor the progress in these matters.
- Implement QA system, Overview the contractor's activities, Implement an integrated QA programme for the Project
- Assist the Client to provide technical data for stakeholder coordination
- Upload actual data related to the Project into the Client's IT system including Project plans as per the template and using the software defined by the Client and maintain and update uploaded Project Plans in software used by the Cleint,
- Upload of drawings/designs created by Contractor, Online Measurement Book Entry in Project Monitoring System, Asset details need to be updated in the system, Georeferencing of the alignment on WGS84 Coordinates, Capture and upload of georeferencing coordinates of the assets into GIS, Upload of digitally signed invoices for payment processing,
- Ensure interoperability between the PMC IT system and Client's IT system
- Review comprehensive online asset management system for all types of assets required for operation and maintenance of asset.
- Prepare Inception Report, Daily Report, Weekly Progress Report, Monthly Progress Report, Quarterly Report, Completion Report, Any Other Reports as sought by the Client for time to time.
- Confirm Stakeout furnished by Contractor
- Integrate as built drawings prepared by the Contractors
- Responsible to obtain all records of completion drawings and completion documents from the contractor and
prepare completion estimates in accordance with provisions of Indian Railways Engineering Code.,
- Prepare an inventory of completed works and inventory of spares to be supplied by DB contractor for use during maintenance.,
- Obtain duly classify and list all Drawings, Specifications, other Documents, results of tests and other relevant
records, and transmit to the Client.
- Prepare integrated periodical report

Job Requirements


- Academic qualification: minimum Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field
- General work experience: more than twelve (12) years
- Experience in same/similar position: more than six (6) years
- Overseas project experience: more than three (3) years


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