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Senior Signals Engineer (Network & Infrastructure)  Perth,   Posted: 6/16/2021
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Our client is seeking a Senior Signals Engineer to assist with the development, modification and monitoring of signalling and level crossing warning safety systems and infrastructure including preparation, checking and reviewing of designs. Further responsible for assisting to ensure safe, reliable, cost effective, quality signalling & train control systems and services that comply with regulations and standards are provided to meet business needs.

Core duties and responsibilities

Maintenance and Asset Management
* Assists with reviewing maintenance staff work practices and procedures.
* Assists with training, directing and guiding staff to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations.
* Assists with monitoring to ensure that maintenance plans are carried out in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner and resources are available to meet technical requirements.
* Carries out inspections and tests, reviews, investigates, checks and analyses equipment/systems failures and incidents, prepares technical reports and assists with the development of solutions and improvements as necessary to guide maintenance activities, either individually or as a member of a team.
* Undertakes audits on electrical signalling equipment and related infrastructure for the rail network.

* Participates in commissioning of new equipment, systems and technology, including testing of signalling systems as Test Engineer or as Witnessing Engineer for Contractor"s testing and commissioning.
* Carries out signalling designs to comply with the client's design principles and codes.
* Reviews signalling designs, ensures adherence to codes of practice, safety standards and industry standards.
* Provides relevant technical guidance, assistance and training to other staff.
* Assists with reviews, development and application of signal standards, codes of practice, technical specifications, engineering maintenance instructions, service schedules, work practices, type approvals, technical training manuals, drawings and associated signal systems documentation to ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations.

Financial and Projects
* As assigned, manages signalling projects of medium complexity, including related supervision of work teams and contract work.
* Assists with monitoring and reporting on budgets and expenditure for the signalling section's components of the Urban Systems capital and operating work programs.
* Manages assigned projects of medium complexity to ensure projects are completed on time, within budget and comply with electrical industry standards and the client's safety requirements.
* Assists with reviews and approval of tender submissions.

* Represents and acts on behalf of the Principal Signals Engineer as and when required.
* Completes delegated tasks to assist with the management of day-to-day maintenance activities and system performance associated with signalling and level crossing warning systems on the PTA"s rail network.
* Carries out as required, such work related tasks and functions that are within the limits of the employee"s skills, competence and training.

Job Requirements


* Possession of an appropriate Engineering Degree that would satisfy the admission requirement for corporate membership to the Institution of Engineers Australia OR an appropriate Engineering Diploma qualification and extensive relevant railway engineering experience.
* Demonstrated recent experience in the design and commissioning of signalling circuits, field signalling and their associated installation and testing.
* Demonstrated recent experience in fault finding on power signalling, protected level crossings and associated field equipment.


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