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Bus Operations Specialist  Chennai,   Posted: 2/7/2021
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Our client is looking for an Expert in IT-based public transport planning (international expert) to work in Chennai in India on a consultancy they have been awarded to look at "Climate-Friendly Modernisation of Bus Services in major cities of Tamil Nadu.

The total project is for 46 months + 12 months. Around 22 man-months of deployment is expected of this resource, of which 60-75% would be at the site in India.

Job Requirements


The person has to have international experience through an holistic review of the respective expert´s education and range of relevant professional experience in developed and developing countries outside of the Project region. As a minimum, it would be expected that the respective expert has an internationally reputed higher education degree and a minimum five (5) years of relevant intermittent work experience in at least three (3) different countries other than India with at least one (1) major (duration not less than six (6) months) project outside India in which the expert was responsible for similar tasks as assigned in the Proposal.

Minimum requirements
* Graduate/post-graduate degree in Transport Planning /Engineering
* At least 12 years of international experience in developing or operating modern transport planning models
* Experience in transport modelling

Desirable expertise
* Experience in integrating operating data such as from telematics or from real-time operations management with planning framework
* Previous work experience in India or countries with similar operating environment


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