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Project Director Expat  Allahabad,   Posted: 12/3/2020
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Our Client have the contract to provide project management consultancy services for its Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor Project for the Mughalsarai - New Bhaupur Section of Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (417km of Civil, Electrical, Signalling, Telecoms) to be based at Allahabad. The person is to replace the current PD who is leaving for personal reasons. Contract period 2.5 years.

The Scope of Services includes:
- Design review for Civil and Systems contract including drawings and specifications
- Superintendence of contractor"s performance under the contract
- Progress monitoring
- Technical & quality control
- Work site safety
- Evaluation of construction
- Certification for completion of works by DB works contractors & duties related to taking over & defects liability period.

The Project Director is responsible for:
- Overall controlling, monitoring and implementation of the project. He will exercise supervisory
control over all Dy. Team Leaders and will issue necessary instructions for efficient and economized execution of all works under his charge.
- Coordinate Consultant"s Inputs during Preliminary and Definitive/Detailed Design and Drawings
- Approval to Definitive/Detailed Design and Drawings.
- Approval to DB Contractor"s Work Programme
- Handover of the site to the DB Contractor
- Checking and verification of the Contractor"s Bond, Guarantees and Insurance Policies
- Review and Approval of the Contractor"s Site Installations
- Monitoring Supervision of Works/Inspection of Works by Key Experts and Non-Key Experts
- Assisting the Consultant"s Team, The Employer and DB Contractor in interpretation of Contract
- Monitoring the Contractor"s Progress
- Ensuring that works comply established Quality Control and Quality Assurance Standards and
- Analysing and overseeing analysis and corrective action on various test reports
- Ensuring efficient deployment of team members and also ensure that all team members do not indulge in malpractices, fraud, etc.
- Monitoring Measurement of works
- Participating in Integrated Testing & Commissioning and Trial Run for 100 Kmph speed
- Monitoring Contractor"s Payment Process and Contract Changes and Claims Management
- Ensuring compliance of the SHE Manual for complete construction safety
- Ensuring that Quality & Safety Audits are conducted as prescribed
- Inspecting the entire project at least once in three months.
- Implementation of Management and Management Information Systems
- Maintaining Asset Management System
- Monitoring Implementation of Environmental Management Plan
- Preparation of documents for various approvals including the CRS approvals
- Meetings and Coordination and preparation of various reports
- Keeping Permanent Record of Correspondence
- Maintaining a Library at site containing all relevant reference material
- Organization of training for all officials under him
- Ensuring strict compliance of the Project Management Manual
- Recommendations for Improvement to Administrative Procedures
- Any other work as entrusted by the client"s or the consultant"s management

Age limit is up to 70 Years

Job Requirements


Essential:B.Tech Civil and M.Tech /MBA
- More Than 20 years experience with more than 15 years with railway projects
- Experience in Similar Position/Similar role more Than 5 Years
- International Experience in Railways & Metro Railway Projects with Modern Technology/Railway and Metro projects to consider to count for 10 years with at least 2 relevant railway projects


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