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Team Leader Foreign Expats/Foreign nationals/Indian Nationals/Expert  Chennai,   Posted: 10/7/2020
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Our client is bidding for the General Consultancy for Chennai Metro project and are looking for a Team Leader of foreign national origin and also Indian nationals and Indian Experts

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Qualification: BE Civil with Masters compulsory and mandatory

Overall Experience:
a) Minimum 20 years or 20 plus years experience and not less than 20 years
b) Including 5 years with international projects

Relevant Experience:
a) At least 10 years with Underground Metro projects
b) At least 1 underground metro project at similar or higher capacity for 5 years duration
c) At least 1 year experience in India

1) Responsible for overall management, coordination, ensuring compliance with the contract and liaison with senior management of CMRL.
2) Lead the detailed design task team. Ensure all deliverables are prepared in accordance with quality and time constraints.
3) As the representative of the Consultant, communicate with Employer and report to JV member firms.
4) Review the previous and on-going related studies and data collected.
5) Identify appropriate design codes and standards in collaboration with the Design Standards for Chennai Metro Rail Project - Phase-I and Chennai Metro Rail
Project - Phase-I Extension.
6) Review of detailed Design for Civil/Architectural works.
7) Recommend the Underground Safety system including
ventilation system, firefighting system and evacuation method.
8) Review of Basic Design for underground facility
including station air-conditioning system and tunnel ventilation system.
9) Basic Design for Railway systems consists of Signaling, Telecommunications, Traction Power Supply, Sub- stations, Rolling Stock and Maintenance Equipment, OCC, PIS and AFC.
10) Discuss with the Document and Cost Manger, Contract Manager for preparation Bid Documents.
11) Assist the Employer in bid issue, pre-bid conference, response to the bidder"s questions, prepare the Addendums if necessary.
12) Conduct bid clarification meeting with the evaluated bidders.
13) Prepare the Bid Evaluation Reports.
14) Draft the Contract Agreements for signing.
15) Study and propose optimized solutions for O&M.
16) Develop planning and strategy for O&M.
17) Estimate O&M cost.
18) Review and approve the documents submitted by the Contractors related to O&M.
19) Coordination between various Contractors and statutory agencies for O&M related activities.
20) Ensure implementation of strategy for O&M during DLP

Major Tasks and Duties
21) Coordinate all elements of the construction activities.
22) Make suitable arrangement for monitoring the performance of the Contractors and their sub-contractors.
23) Monitor the Contractor"s compliance with regard to the insurance, bond obligation as well as the labor and tax laws.
24) Coordinate with all the parties in assisting CMRL in the preparation of public relations information.
25) Review of Design and plan the traffic management plan during construction.
26) Assist CMRL to organize Traffic Management.
27) Supervise the identification of underground utility facilities and buried materials (e.g. existing foundations).
28) Assist CMRL for supervision of utility relocation until the completion of consulting service.
29) Review the relevant social requirements applied to Chennai Metro Rail Project Phase 2.
30) Analyze the risks and vulnerabilities for social issue in construction.
31) Develop the tender documents in preparing social requirements.


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