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Project Manager Tunnel Construction Engineer Team Leader/Construction/Project Tunnel/Projects/TL/Indian Nationals  Hubli,   Posted: 7/17/2020
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Project Managers

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An esteemed consultancy based In India is going to submit a tender and they are looking for desired resumes for the desired position for the RVNL project happening between Karnataka and Goa

"'Construction of tunnels, bridges, formation including service
buildings, staff quarters and other allied works from Castle
Rock (Ch:25+500) to Kulem (Ch:50+200) in connection with
Doubling of BG rail link between Tinaighat and Vasco (95km)
in the state of Karnataka & Goa,'"

Tendering Bid Document

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Job Title:
Project Manager (Tunnel Construction Engineer)-Team Leader (NATIONAL)/Project Tunnels/Tunnel Construction/Indian Candidates

People Required- 2 or more

Project site office and the duration is 54 months

Professional Qualification
(a) Essential: Post Graduate in Civil Engg. / Mining
(b) Preferred: (i) Post Graduate

Length of Experience
(c) Total experience can be between minimum of 15 years and more than 15 years to 25 plus and close to 28 years
(d) Relevant Experience Atleast 12 years" experience in tunnel construction/supervision (Drill and Blast method)
(e) Atleast 6 years of experience in the capacity of Team Leader/Project Manager in tunnel projects with cumulative period
(f) Atleast 5 years of construction experience of Tunnels with finished X-section of 30 sqm or more and single continuous tunnel length of 2 km or more - in Numbers


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