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Engineer Rail Track/Track/Track Engineer/Rail Track/ Indian Nationals/Indian Candidates  Allahabad,   Posted: 7/2/2020
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Quality and Safety Audit Consultancy for Mughalsaral-New Bhaupur Section of Easter Dedicated Freight Corridor.

This is the Eastern Corridor Section and it is from Ludhiana to Sonenagar/Dankuni

The DFCC Eastern Corridor is separated into three different packages and we are working on the first one and that is Civil Structure and Track Works Contract

Track Work for 25 Tonne Axle Load

The person would be stationed near Mughalasarai or at Allahabad where the site office would be

The QSAC would provide third party independent monitoring, to reasonably ensure that quality and safety standards and guidelines as stated in various contract agreements are being followed and resources are available as required to achieve implementation schedule. The scope of services would include examination of the quality of works, material incorporated in the permanent work,conformance with quality norms and conformance with performance criteria as described in the Specifications of the Contracts, conformance,of all safety requirements and resource availability as per the implementation schedule. The QSAC will review the quality control documentation for goods purchased and works constructed on a sampling basis sufficient to achieve a reasonable confidence in the adequacy and quality of such documentation and controls.The QSAC will witness randomly some of the tests that are conducted by the contractors and technical supervisors (Engineers) of the project.In Exceptional circumstances the consultant may recommend to the client additional tests. The QSAC will audit the safety arrangements during construction and review implementation schedule

Job Requirements


Job Title: Engineer Rail Track/Rail Track Engineer/Track

Educational Qualification: B.Tech Civil

General or Total Work Experience: 12 years or More than 12 Years or At Least 12 Years or Close to 12 Years

Specific or Relevant Experience:More than 07 years or close to 07 years or At Least 7 years experience in Railway/Metro/Transport/Infrastructure Projects

Experience in Similar Position or as Deputy Team Leader: At Least 5 Years or Close to 5 Years

International Experience or Projects of Track: 3 Years and 1 Project


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