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Deputy Team Leader Civil Expert/Indian Nationals/Indian Candidates/Civil  Allahabad,   Posted: 7/2/2020
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Quality and Safety Audit Consultancy for Mughalsaral-New Bhaupur Section of Easter Dedicated Freight Corridor.

This is the Eastern Corridor Section and it is from Ludhiana to Sonenagar/Dankuni

The DFCC Eastern Corridor is separated into three different packages and we are working on the first one and that is Civil Structure and Track Works Contract

Earth Work In formation/Cutting for 32.5 tonne axle load
Track Work for 25 Tonne Axle Load

Associated Service Buildings and structures such as Maintenance facilities,stations and equipments structures for rail systems and staff quarters etc

Job Requirements


Job Title:Deputy Team Leader Civil Work in Rail and Metro Project/Deputy Team Leader Civil Rail and Metro Project (DFCC)

Educational Qualification: B.Tech Civil plus M.Tech/MBA and if not having then he should have worked 3 years on an international project in rail and metro with Modern Technology and If then 3 years is not considered

General or Total Work Experience: 15 years or At Least 15 Years or Close to 15 Years

Specific or Relevant Experience:More than 10 years or close to 10 years or At Least 10 years experience in Railway/Metro/Transport/Infrastructure Projects

Experience in Similar Position or as Deputy Team Leader: At Least 5 Years or Close to 5 Years


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