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Team Leader Chief Tunnel Design Engineer Foreign National/Expat/Team Leader/Tunnel Expat  Punjab,   Posted: 6/26/2020
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Detailed Design and Project Management Consultancy Services for Construction of tunnels (T-8 to T-10), bridges, yards and formation works from chainage km 20+890 to km 32+100 and works related to minor bridges on the approaches of Tunnels and related formation in connection with new single line broad gauge rail link between Bhanupali-Bilaspur-Beri in the state of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh, India. It will broadly involve the works related to minor bridges, formation, stability of slopes as well as drainage system on approaches of tunnels, station yard for the above stated chainages. The detailed design of major and important bridges in the above stated chainage is not in the scope of this consultancy.

Consultant"s Scope:

The scope for consultancy services for Detail Design and Design Support During Construction is defined in Clause No. 2, page 199 of 483 and scope for Project Management Services during Construction Stage is defined in Clause No.3 Page 230 of 483 in RFP document. However, the brief scope for consultancy services is also mentioned below for ready reference.

Detailed Design and Project Management Consultant (DD&PMC), hereinafter called 'The Consultant' is to be engaged to assist RVNL in detailed design & design support/supervision services during construction (DD) and project construction management services (PMC) in connection with construction of Tunnel no. 8 to Tunnel no. 10 and will broadly involve related railway formation works, drainage system, stability of slope on approaches of these Tunnels including minor bridges on such approaches, as in para above, between km 20+890 to km 32+100 of the above project. However, these chainages
are for guidance purpose. Wherever Tunnel works are referred in the RFP document, it means 'main tunnel no.8 to tunnel no. 10 including evacuation tunnel, portals, adits, shafts and associated tunnel works'.

The services of the Consultant would be required in both stages of the project namely,
(i) Pre-Construction design stage which includes review of investigation works, planning, detailed design, preparation of bid documents of construction works, etc; and

(ii) Construction stage which includes design support during construction and project construction management services commencing from award of the construction contract to completion of work which includes stipulated defect liability period.

The Employer has planned to invite separate bids for Detailed Design Consultancy for major and important railway bridges in the above stated chainages of new railway line project. The bids for construction of tunnels may also include the construction of major and important bridges through the same contract. Hence, at Construction stage, the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) shall also include the construction of major and important bridges. The schedule for PMC stage also includes the positions for deployment of personnel accordingly.

Job Requirements


Position 1 Team Leader Chief Tunnel Design Engineer

Educational Qualifications: Graduate +PG or Equivalent in Civil/ Mining Engineering

Additional Score for: Doctorate or professional certification

Technical Experience Duration of total experience in years should be > 25 years.

Relevant experience: -
1. Should have >12 years of experience in tunnel design for road/rail/metro projects (Drill and Blast method).

2. Should have design experience of > 5 number of Tunnels having finished X-section of 30 sqm or more and single continuous tunnel length of 2 km or more.

Deputation in India At TCE Noida office for pre-construction stage that is for 8 Months as per RFP.

Scope of work defined in RFP but not limited to

Team Leader ? Design with Overall Responsibility during pre-construction Stage

- Alignment Review and Modifications
- Identify Additional Topographic Survey
- Design Criteria and Specifications
- Quality Control Plan
- Preparation of Inception Report
- Design of Safety System Concepts
- Tender Design of Tunnel
- Construction Methodology
- Additional geotechnical Investigations
- Tunnel and Civil works
- Tender Documents
- Tender assessment
- Up-dating Tender Design
- In addition, he shall also ensure tasks related to the following:
Ventilation Design
Electrical and Surveillance system
Design Changes
Ventilation, Electric & Surveillance works
E&M Design

Team Leader during design stage will be responsible for the organizing and attending meetings/ presentations with clients whenever applicable.


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