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Structural Steel Fabrication/ Quality Assurance/Quality Control/Welding/Foreign Expats/Nationals  Mumbai,   Posted: 6/18/2020
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This job is from a very esteemed consultancy and infrastructure company who are going to submit their bid for the High Speed Project which is going on from Mumbai-Ahmedabad.

Job Title: Structural Fabrication Steel Expat (Foreign Candidates/Foreign Nationals)

Roles & Responsibility
1. Shall guide the Contractor for quality & testing requirements of main materials such as structural steel, connection material (bolts, nuts, welding consumables etc.)
2. Shall prepare method statement for Structural steel fabrication (test-fabrication with mock-up for the Engineers approval, steel material procurement, NC marking/cutting/drilling, member assembly/welding, straightening, drilling etc.), and other issues influencing fabrication (girder"s length, curve, inclination and camber including adjusting the profile to take into account design camber values).
3. Ensure technical accuracy of Fabrication work.
4. Implement sound technical practice at work.
5. Shall prepare the Quality assurance/quality control plan and procedures, inspection test plan, acceptance criteria, quality control items, methods and position of quality control, document style of quality control records, records of construction, etc. along with appropriate testing method including practices and sequence of activities to be followed and resources to be input to meet the quality administration requirements of work.
6. Meet compliance of the Quality Management System

Job Requirements


Requirement Criteria
1. Shall have a minimum experience of 20 years as supervisor or quality assurance engineer or quality control engineer in the field of fabrication.
2. Shall have at least 5 years of experience in International High-Speed Rail projects/ Japanese High-Speed Rail Projects as team lead for fabrication of steel truss/plate girder superstructures for High Speed Railway bridges.
3. Shall have sound knowledge of Japanese Codes as well as International Codes and Standards on fabrication of steel structures such as Japan Welding Engineering Society Standard, Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) & weld inspection requirements, AWS D1.1
4. Shall be a certified International Welding Engineer (IWE) or International Welding Technologist (IWT) person, with sufficient knowledge on quality systems for fabrication of welded structures.


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