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Training Coordinator  Ho Chi Minh City,   Posted: 1/20/2020
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Our client is seeking a Training Coordinator/Manager to be based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) project for the Electrical and Mechanical (E&M) Systems (i.e. Rolling Stock, Signalling, Telecommunications, Power Supply, Overhead Catenary System, Track Work, Platform Screen Doors, Automatic Fare Collection, Depot and Workshop Equipment, Facility SCADA, Signage and Graphics) is in relation to the first Metro line to be built in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Job Description:
* To Lead the review development and implementation of the training need required to meet the project requirement during the phase of C&I, T&C and trial Running
* To review and assist with the development of O&M manuals from which the training documents will be derived.
* To identify the resources required to fulfil the training required to meet the project requirements.
* Create the training schedule and documents to allow Project staff and O&M staff to be trained to meet the CP3 Contract needs

* Identify the training needs for Project staff and O&M staff (Instructor/trainers) during the C&I, T&C, Trail Running and 5 year maintenance period.
* Work with the Client, Employers representative, O&M Company to ensure Hitachi (CP3) meets is contractual obligations for training.
* Assist the relevant project staff/subsystem mangers in the creation and review of O&M manuals and the Training Documents, Schedule, Materials, facilities and suitable locations and venues required to complete the necessary contracted training.
* Assist the Subsystem Manager create and submit their training plans.
* Assist the Wayside Manager and PTW/CRO identify the training needs, assist in the creation of documentation and deliver training to meet the project requirements before hand over of the railway to the client.
* Develop an overall training plan together with schedule and durations of training to be given to all parties required within the CP3 project scope.
* Work with the Subsystem Mangers to ensure the necessary training is completed and competence certification issued to meet the project schedule.
* Support the creation of training documents and training programmes to support the requirements of O&M Manuals.
* Responsible for liaising with the T&C manager and CRO to ensuring the training courses and modules do not impact the C&I and Test & Commissioning plans. Especially where shared staff or resources are required.
* Responsible for writing the necessary operational process and procedures relating to training to gain HSQE approval in support of the safety objectives of the project.
* Develop KPIs and tracking system to identify an ongoing status of training for the PM to ensure the necessary actions are being completed in line with the overall project plan/Schedule.
* Support quality, health, safety and environmental practices in the workplace.
* Assist where/if required in the recruitment of O&M Company Staff. Ie
Maintenance Team Leaders Support Engineers
Lead Technicians Maintenance Technicians Wheel Lathe Team Leader Servicing Team Leaders Heavy Overhaul Team
* Support the identification of hazards in the railway environment and create a overall Railway safety training module to be delivered to all the O&M Trainers /Instructors to meet the contract requirements.
* Work with the QHSE engineer to mitigate risk.
* Create a system for assessments to ensure Staff competence and training is kept up to date and relevant.
* Must be prepared to travel and overnight away from base location for short periods of time to support training needs
* Assist as required and requested by the Chief Manager for Maintenance and Planning, complete the tasks required within his role.

Job Requirements


Essential experience;
* Min 5 year Experience of Developing and implementing Training within a modern Railway , preferably Urban railway/metro system.
* Min 10 year Experience of Developing and implementing Training within a safety critical Engineering Environment.
* Understanding and Experience in implements training of modern Railway operating procedures such as (UK/EEC ROGS)
* Creating and Submission of project documentation to Client for approval.
* Ability to create and manage a comprehensive training plan to meet project delivery dates.
* Ability to engage with Operational and Maintenance staff.
* Experience Warehousing and modern maintenance management systems (MMS) would be an
* Ability to work flexibly and support other areas of the project as necessary.

* Mechanical / Electrical Degree or HND/HNC with served engineering apprenticeship or equivalent proven railway / engineering services experience.
* Certified Trainer
* Competence assessor certified


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