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Software Engineer

Vehicle Software Engineer  Singapore,   Posted: 1/15/2020
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Software Engineer

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Our client has a contract to deliver the rolling stock on the BP LRT project and are looking for a number of people to work on the project.

One of the roles they are looking to fill is that of Vehicle Software Engineer to lead software integration activities on the project.

- Design software architecture for complex interfaces. Provide solutions or alternatives on current ongoing and delivered projects.
- Review Customer ITT on software interfaces and develop appropriate solutions to meet ITT requirements on BPLRT enhancement project.
- Represent BT in external interface meetings in regard to the Signalling, Communications, MMS and ISCS interfaces.
- Software system integration and type testing of controls on BPLRT enhancement ptoject.
- Work on compliance and validation with Software Assessor

Job Requirements


- Software integration and testing.
- Testing in lab environment, building test racks representing projects software architecture and interfaces . -
Integrated testing and commissioning work on ongoing and awarded projects.
- Embedded software development,
- competency in C/C++, Linux, device drivers, firmware.
- Knowledge of Train's subsystem software interfaces to Signalling, Communication, MMS & ISCS.
- Scripting test procedures, FVDS, FVDR, SRS, SyRTR & SyRTS


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