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Installation Manager

Wayside Construction & Installation Manager  Ho Chi Minh City,   Posted: 3/18/2019
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Installation Manager

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Our client is urgently seeking a Wayside Installation and Construction Manager (Wayside C&I Manager) to assist with activities on the New MRT Construction Project, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Project Scope: Design & Construction Project for all E&M System (Rolling Stock, Signaling, Telecommunication, Power Supply, OCS, Track work, PSD, AFC, Depot & Workshop Equipment, F-SCADA, Signage & Graphics) for New MRT Line-1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Job Description;
1) Job Title & Role; Wayside Installation and Construction Manager (Wayside C&I Manager)
2) Job Details:
The Wayside C&I Manager who will directly report to the Construction & Installation Manager and indirectly to Project Manager and senior management members, will be responsible for assisting in the management of the construction and installation activities for the E&M Systems comprising Signalling, Telecommunications, Platform Screen Doors, FSCADA, Power Supply, Trackwork, OCS, Depot and Workshop Equipment, AFC and Signage/Graphics for all areas of the HCMC Line 1 Project. The post holder will also work closely with all sub-system managers to implement and coordinate the overall installation strategy, safety provisions and coordinated programming. Wayside C&I Manager will be responsible for the following works:
- Interaction and negotiation with the Employer, Consultant, Wayside Contractor and any third parties, including any necessary coordination work.
- External interface management with Wayside Contractor and any third parties.
- Internal interface management with subsystem managers and interface team.
- Supporting C&I Manager for overall Management and Control of Subcontractors for Wayside.
- Supporting C&I Manager for overall Management and Control of Wayside Design & Construction works.
- Checking & Reviewing the Design, Procurement & Construction related documents prepared by Subcontractors for Wayside to ensure the compliance with the project Wayside requirements.
- Preparation of technical document required by our Contract Requirements, Employer and Consultant.
- Preparation of responses, revision and resubmission of Wayside documents addressing the Consultants' comments on technical documents and ensuring the compliances of the revised technical documents.
- Preparation of correspondence letters and reply letters to the Employer, Consultant and Wayside Contractor.
- Analysis of correspondence letter from the Employer, Consultant and Wayside Contractor, and development to Subsystem Manager or Subcontractors for Wayside work.
- Coordinate, Supervise and Lead any Site Work Activities.
- Planning and Closely monitoring the progress to ensure smooth execution of project and quality work at targeted schedule.
- Responsible for providing and maintaining a safety, health and environmental operating procedure to prevent the C&I team accident and injury, obtain prepare work method statements and risk assessment for various work activities and applied hot work permit, confined space and other permit system.
- Ensure the delivery of the overall solution on time on quality and on budget according to the contract.
- Ensure all project technical activities are coordinated, fulfil the technical requirements of the contract, respecting project schedule, budget, quality and defined workload.
- Resolution of project technical difficulties and outstanding.
- Lead, manage, guide and negotiate with Subcontractors to ensure they are meeting the client's expectations and works.
- Any other works related to Wayside Work and overall Management of Subcontractors.

Job Requirements


1) Years of Experience
a) Total Year of Experience; 15 years
b) Experience in similar project; 10 years experience as Wayside C&I manager/ Deputy C&I Manager for E&M contractors of Rails projects (similar project)
c) Experience as a contractor side, not as a consultant side.
d) Experience in leading & managing C&I design & activities at sites of rails projects
e) Integration and coordination skill for overall C&I design & activities
f) Good communication & Team work skills and cooperative attitude in working with internal and external parties
2) Certificate of University Graduation with related major
3) Certificate of English (such as EILTS, TOEFL, and TOIEC) if mother language is not English.


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