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Rolling Stock Expert  Home,   Posted: 10/28/2022
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Our client is looking for A Senior Rolling Stock Engineer with experience in the manufacture and supply of rolling stock vehicles and ideally with experience in Arbitration and/or Dispute resolution.

The dispute involves the manufacture and supply of bogie frames, the mechanical assembly of the car bodies and supply other parts of 31 vehicles delivered to Client between November 2015 and December 202. Numerous defects became apparent in the parts manufactured and supplied and the parties need to determine whether the parts are defective.

The Expert will need to undertake technical assessment of defects identified y in the vehicles and to prepare a written report on their findings

Job Requirements


The Expert needs to meet the following attributes:

- have experience in rail vehicles;
- fluent in German and English languages;
- not of German or Spanish nationality;
- ideally, hold a university-level degree in engineering (or equivalent) from a renowned university;
- ideally, European Adhesive Engineers;
- ideally, chemical engineers with specialty in painting;
- ideally, have experience and expertise in welding;
- ideally, have experience and expertise in the railway industry;
- ideally, have expertise in bonding and painting (including the use of plastics in rail vehicle construction);
- ideally, have profound experience in comparable disputes and proceedings;
- ideally, familiar with the ICC Expert Rules as well as ICC Arbitration Rules;
- ideally, fluent in Spanish language; and
- ideally, have sufficient availability to conduct these proceedings for the next 5 to 10 years and not retire from the profession during this period.


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