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QS Manager  Taipei,   Posted: 5/10/2022
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Mandarin, English

Our client is looking for a QS Manager to be responsible for a project to ensure our project cost remain within budget. They provide cost and material estimates, draw up projected budgets, and work alongside a team, noting any design changes and their effect on cost.

In particular,
1) Conducting feasibility studies to estimate materials, time, and labour costs.
2) Preparing, negotiating, and analyzing costs for main contract.
3) Preparing, negotiating, and analyzing costs for subcontract and/ or suppliers costs and contracts.
4) Coordination of work effort liaising with Engineer dept. and Construction dept.
5) Dealing with a range of legal and contractual issues.
6) Valuing completed work and arranging for payments.
7) Main contract is English and subcontract is mandarin so that both language skill are required for duties.

1, Taiwan is nowadays in transition era by re-transforming component of industries. It applies also for construction industry and then our subsidiary is as well. Since then, domestic human resource was ever manageable such a thing but in recent and going for future, it seems it can"t work out but more likely seeking for foreign human resource to deal with complexed task by consolidating with domestic workforce together.

2, In such circumstance, we should transform several departments. In particular, by taking advantage of QS"s typical profession, cost and contract work should be centralized in a department, be responsible for all aspects of contractual and financial side of construction project.
Initially going for several project, we attempt to put competitive QS and then or at same time, we may also attempt to reform HQ"s system by putting QS in centre of cost control.
And we think such a person in the future will be a top management of subsidiary in something permanent basis contract so that minimizing initial start of salary amount.

3, Initial project in-charge maybe a local large-sized project and working for such a project, learning Taiwan"s construction industry which are for purpose of preparation of IT infrastructure project whose employer would be foreign company. That would be upstream contract is English and also needs to touch subcontract work in Mandarin basis.

Job Requirements


-Candidate must possess at least Diploma in Quantity Surveyor or Civil Engineering or equivalent
-Experience in Civil or related field
-Minimum 6 years working experience in the related field


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