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Chief Engineer (Electrical)  New Delhi,   Posted: 12/23/2021
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Our client has the contract to provide project management support for the construction of Double Line Electrified Railway Track with Signaling &Telecommunication System and related infrastructure for Rewari-Dadri and JNPTVadodara section (approx. 555 km route) of Phase-2 of the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor and for Procurement of Electric Locomotives.

They are looking for a Chief Engineer (Electrical) to be based in their New Delhi office for 10 man months to
- Prepare and implement coordination procedure, Advise and assist the Client in the preparation of procedural system, Interact with the Client's designated officers and staff on a regular basis, Attend review
- Assist the Client in coordination with different agencies
- Manage claim control, Manage change control,
- Monitor overall construction schedule and evaluate progress of overall construction work, recommend the countermeasures, Direct the Contractor to take necessary steps to maintain the rate of progress of work, - Prepare consolidated programme / progress report, In case the Contractor fails to achieve any
of the Project Milestones, identify the causes of delays, and review the Program submitted by the Contractor, Identify the reason of the delay, review the project completion schedule and assess compensation to Contractor, if the works are suspended for reasons not attributable to the Contractor.,
- Monitor Safety, Health and Environment - Overview the contractor's activities,
- Review the Contractor's Safety Plan, Inspect the Contractor's safety measures, Ensure compliance of SHE plan submitted by the Contractor, Notify the Contractor forthwith that the whole or part of the works to be suspended, if the Contractor was not made adequate arrangements for ensuring safety of workers and users and other legal and statutory objections mentioned in the contract
- Implement QA system, Overview the contractor's activities, Implement an integrated QA programme for the Project,
- Carry out RAMS assessment and specify reliability and maintainability of the equipment, plant and system procurement process.
- Hand over Right of Access
- Superintendence Contractor's performance as "The Engineer", particularly with regard to quality of materials/construction, site safety, removal/relocation of utilities, and so on.
- Carry out Regular Site Inspection
- Conduct regular field checks and tests to ensure that work has been carried out as per agreed specification and standards, Specify the system of test checks for Contractor's Requests for Inspection (RFI) at all appropriate level by Supervisor, ARE, and RE., Review a Statement and supporting document from Contractor, and Issue an Interim payment Certificate to the Cleint.
- Obtain and Test: material, works and equipment, as necessary and required
- Conduct Type Test, Factory Acceptance Test for S&T and E&M systems
- Examine Field Performance Test for Train Operation, S&T system and E&M system
- Inspect Testing all material and facilities/devices
- Carry out Receiving Inspection for Maintenance machinery and equipment
- Recommend acceptance or rejection of completed work
- Verify measurement of quantity of work executed and check payment certificate
- Request to the Contractor to prove through appropriate tests that remedial works have brought the works into conformity with the Contract.
- Carry out all tests specified in the related schedule of the Contract and issue Completion Certificate / Provisional Certificate.
- Integrate as built drawings prepared by the Contractors - Review the As Built Drawings for each component of the works prepared by the Contractors and determine their acceptability,
- Responsible to obtain all records of completion drawings and completion documents from the contractor and prepare completion estimates in accordance with provisions of Indian Railways Engineering Code. Prepare an inventory of completed works and inventory of spares to be supplied by DB contractor for use during
- Prepare integrated periodical reports
- Scrutinize registration of daily consumption of material, various activities / output of design and construction activities to be maintained by contractor.
- Inspect the works during the Defect Liability Period
- Ensure to replace/remedy the defect occurred during the Defect Liability Period
- Prepare Inception Report, Daily Report, Weekly Progress Report, Monthly Progress Report, Quarterly Report, Completion Report, Any Other Reports as sought by the Client.

Job Requirements


- Academic qualification: minimum Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field
- General work experience: more than twelve (12) years
- Experience in same/similar position: more than six (6) years
- Overseas project experience: more than three (3) years


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