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Rail Specialist

Research & Development Analyst  Abu Dhabi,   Posted: 10/10/2021
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Rail Specialist

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The role of Research & Development Analyst is to proactively engage and appraise the client's leadership, management and staff on latest developments in the safety, transport technology and mobility fronts with the aim of nurturing a Learning Organization culture that is proactive and forward-looking.

Operational (Core):
- Organize and conduct workshops, retreats and any other tasks as may be assigned.
- Responsible for conducting environmental assessments and benchmarking performance pertaining to the global transportation and logistics landscape.
- Responsible for researching and identifying high-impact structural, policy & cross-cutting issues affecting performance & productivity of freight & passenger transportation systems.
- Responsible for preparing timely, regular and comprehensive reports/ presentations to update and prepare the company's management/ colleagues on the potential impact and applications of technological advancements.
- Collaborate with international railway, safety and educational institutions to benchmark performance and best practices in support of the client's Business, Engineering & Operations teams.
- Investigate strategic collaborations and partnership opportunities with OEMs and Emergent Railway Technology companies to diversify the client's revenue streams.
- Undertake all research, development and benchmarking activities, project-manage, and coordinate/ update internal and external stakeholders as required.
- Assist to foster the development of indigenous engineering capabilities, product & service development talents, and nurture a learning organization culture in the company through regular publications or sharings.

Operational (General):
- Multi-and-inter disciplinary advancements in railway technologies, such as permanent way, rolling stock, power system, signal & communications, building facility, data-, environment- and asset- management towards preventive maintenance - all rail-based technical areas that directly impact overall performance of the company's core businesses.
- Smart mobility services & solutions, such as first-and-last-mile (FALM) transport involving autonomous vehicles, shared transport, e-vehicles, e-scooters, e-bikes services (ie Mobility-as-a-Service or MaaS), Hyperloop, Velocopter & customer service solutions - all applications that impact the client's business, value-chain & environment.
- Active online literature review from public domains and professional community of practice networks, such as Science Direct and Engineering Village databases used by multi-national companies (MNCs) ? promote awareness through internal publications/ sharing.
- Liaise with transport academies to organize training, highlight international transport accident investigation safety findings and promote benchmarking with other freight and passenger transport operators.
- Help support the organization in extraordinary events such as learning festivals etc to promote awareness and learning organization culture.
- Perform any other activity as required by the company both at the company premises and remotely when requested by the company.
- Contribute to the execution and delivery of any activities as and when required to ensure the continuity of work in the absence of other colleagues.

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