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Electrical Expert (OHE/TSS/SCADA) Local Indian Railway Retired Candidates  Nellore,   Posted: 6/17/2020
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A Consultancy company is looking for a P-Way Expert or A Local Indian Retired Railway Candidate or Person for the RVNL project at Nellore

Title: Electrical Expert (OHE/TSS/SCADA) Local Indian Railway Retired Candidates

Location: Nellore RVNL project

Want candidates in and around Nellore, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

Job Requirements


Electrical Expert (OHE/TSS/SCADA)

S.N. Qualification Parameters Electrical Expert (OHE/TSS/SCADA)
Requirements as per RFP Details

1. Professional Qualification Degree/Diploma in Electrical Engineering from a recognized institution
2. Length of Experience 5 years for Degree holders and 7 years Diploma holders.
3. Relevant Experience Experience in maintenance / construction of OHE & PSI works of Railway Electrification - 3 years for Degree holders and 5 years for Diploma holders

4. Does the personnel have any history of
involvement in vigilance/CBI/SPE/Police case resulting in major penalty punishment of removal/dismissal/compu lsory retirement or conviction


1. The proposed person should not be older than 67 years as on deadline for submission of proposals. However in exceptional circumstances Employer (concerned Executive Director) may permit at his sole discretion, a person older than 67 years but not older than 70 years after considering his physical and overall fitness to perform the desired duties.

2. The professional qualification in case of ex-Railwayman who has worked as Section Engineer in Electrical Engineering department of Railway shall be treated equal to Diploma in Electrical Engineering if the person is having any qualification other than Diploma/Degree in Electrical Engineering. .


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