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Quality Assurance Manager  Ho Chi Minh City,   Posted: 9/15/2019
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Our client is seeking a Quality Assurance Manager to assist with activities as part of the Design and Construction Project for all E&M System (Rolling Stock, Signaling, Telecommunication, Power Supply, OCS, Track work, PSD, AFC, Depot & Workshop Equipment, F-SCADA, Signage & Graphics) for New MRT Line-1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Job Details;
a) Interact and negotiation with the Employer, Consultant and any third parties
b) Accountable for the definition and planning of all need activities in our Contract Agreement and ISO9001 (and/or other applicable international and local Standards) for Quality Management
c) Accountable for the definition and planning of all needed activities as defined in IEC62278, IEC62279 and IEC62425 (and/or other applicable international and local Standards) for to RAM and safety management.
d) Accountable for the definition and planning of needed activities as defined in IEC62278, IEC62279 and IEC62425 (and/or other applicable international and local Standards) for the V&V and Testing at Integrated System Level.
e) Preparation and maintain of all the quality and system assurance related documents to be required by the Employer and Consultant
f) Site safety activity
g) Escalate all Safety, Quality, and other RAM issues periodically via report line.
h) Preparation of quality audit report and safety audit report
i) Quality management of the client's factory and subcontractors
j) Preparation of technical correspondence letter (draft) to the Employer and Consultant
k) Analysis of correspondence letter from the Employer and Consultant, and development to the client's subsystem managers or the client's subcontractors
l) Any other works related to quality assurance and control
m) Coordination of the relevant Work Package Leaders and interface with all internal stakeholders.
n) Accountable for monitoring of RAM, Safety, Quality, V&V & Testing workload, budget, schedule, activities and deliverables.
o) Ensure the proper management of the corrective actions required in case of non-conformity or deviations from the RAMS and quality targets.
p) Ensure the proper review of the design changes with a potential impact on the system safety, availability and performances.
q) Final responsible for the independent Verification & Validation and Testing of the delivered system and of the safety integrity of the technical solution, with respect to Safety and RAM requirements.
r) Accountable for preparing or collecting from the Work Package Leaders the needed safety cases and related documentation for approval milestones.
s) Interface with all external stakeholder (suppliers, independent assessors, clients, safety authorities, etc.) for what concerns RAM, Safety, Verification & Validation, testing and overall quality.
t) Accountable for getting all needed approvals for products and system revenue service.

Job Requirements


- Years of Experience
a) Total Year of Experience ; 15 years
b) Experience as Quality Assurance Staff for Railway Project ; 12 years
c) Experience as Quality Assurance Manager for Railway Project ; 5 years
- Certificate of Graduation (bachelor's degree or more over)
- Certificate of English (such as TOIEC) more than 800 points if mother language is not English.
- Strong skill for speaking & writing in English in interpretation and translation work.
- Excellent knowledge and capabilities of quality assurance and control
- Several experiences to complete project as QA manager


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